Welcome to HunterWorld
The world of unique and exclusive drops and amazing rewards for his users. In this first phase we are gonna launch the biggest Michael Jackson memorabilia for sale. The physical object with his representation in NFT’s. Build a world where the holders are gonna have their own business and get rewards for ever.

Types of Michael

1958 Hats

The MJ , these were the first 1000 to drop, 10 of which are Legendary. Not only are these the sweetest profile pics around but they are also the only Hunter World to yield $DIAMONDS daily. Each Genesis produces 10 $DIAMONDS every day for the next 10 years.

1958 Shoes

In order to expand the Hunter World Universe the mad scientist Myoo created a cybernetic breeding process allowing ‘cute as a button’ Baby to be produced by breeding two Genesis , unfortunately the process requires a ton of energy, so 600 $DIAMONDS are required to fuel the breeding frenzy.

1958 Gloves

Not content with taking over the 2d NFT space, the continued evolution thrusts Hunter World into the metaverse in the form of voxel-based avatars built to be used in online metaverse environments such as The Sandbox.


The most technologically advanced species will not stop any time soon...

Level One

Hunter World Launch
- Sell the Hats, Shoes and Gloves to the fans.
- Raffle the Physical official items. 1 Hat, 1 Shoe and 1 Glove to one of the holders.

Level Two

- Tokenize all 3.000+ official memorabilia.
- Replicate the furniture, art and the whole concept.
- Build Neverland museum in Decentraland.

Level Three

Hunter World
- Sell tickets to get in the museum.
- Sell all the remaining virtual memorabilia, create live events, sell music, clothes, and more.
- All of the revenue goes to a public wallet that’s owned by the Fan Holders.

Level Four

- Holding a Hat, Shoe, or Glove yields 10 $DIAMONDS tokens every day. This means Fan Holders are earning passive income.
- You can buy merchandise, memorabilia, fiscal and digital assets with $DIAMONDS.

Key Features

Our mad Hunter World scientists always strive for utility:

Playable avatars in The Sandbox Universe

Get a Hunter World and explore the metaverse of The Sandbox together.

Full Commercial Rights on all Hunter World assets

You own all commercial rights to the images of all your Hunter World as well as the 3D model of your Hunter World.

Advanced Tonomics

All parts of the Hunter World ecosystem work together to benefit the owner.

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